The First Age

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The First Age

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The First Age Kin, After the defeat of Sauron his forces still had one thing, a brother ring which has been forgotten in the age's. It was forged by Sauron's mentor. sample image

People celebrated across middle earth because they have been blinded from the old legend of the Brother ring, which has the power to not only summon the evil force of Sauron but also bring his mentor back, his mentor Galris was the first evil kind, lived long before Elrond one of the oldest and wisest Free Life in middle earth.

During the celebration of the death of Sauron, there were two nazgul that escaped and they purged North of Gondor, searching everywhere for this hidden ring, they also picked up survivours and still loyal minions of the force of evil.

The only Hope now is to have all the Kin's of middle earth to protect it and find the brother ring, the strongest that came out is the First Age.

Frodo began to have strange marks appear on him, Gandalf had no clue what they where he sought people of all places for help, until he reached the Library of Hope, within the First Age town, it spoke about the lost Brother ring and also said that there is a source of Power on the Foreshores of Middle earth, where no one has ever returned from the other side, it is said " That the Sorceror Yurkel may have some wisdom to seek what is wrong with Frodo.

Until more sources are found, this chapter comes to a stop



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New Promotion

Bjearn is now been awarded The Moderator of all USA players along with Hesfess, because our numbers are growing and hess isnt on as much, Bjearn has been dedicated each night almost to helping the kin and having fun, he's always around and offering to help others, More promotions to come to other players


US Official Hessfess and bjearn

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1. Kinsman - Basic level

2. Soldier - Slightly higher than an average kinsman, Authority over lower rank

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4. Officer - Recruit and Authority over lower rank

5. High Officer - Can Recruit and have little more say in things than officer, Authority over lower rank

6. Moderator - Highest Public Authority, able to kick recruit ban etc. Also Authority over lower rank, any problems refer to the assigned one

7. Leader - Authority Over everyone including moderator *moderator is only for public leader slightly higher*